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Smile On Seniors is a unique volunteer program, created to enhance the lives of local seniors. Smile On Seniors offers many ways to get involved.


Our flagship service remains our home visitation program by twinning volunteers with a senior “buddy.”

Many of us have parents or family who are seniors, living alone or in senior communities, that would greatly benefit from an extra visit from someone who isn’t family. Family cannot always visit as often as desired, and not always is there someone else to supplement those visits. And that’s where Smile On Seniors steps in. SOS matches local volunteers with local seniors for a weekly visit, bringing joy and a sense of caring to many.


Smile On Seniors offers a plethora of programs and activities for Active Adults and Seniors. Our successes are only because of the volunteers who make it happen. Shabbat Dinners, Monthly Lunches, Holiday programs and all our programs in retirement communities and in our center allow many opportunities for you to get involved at your own pace.

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Prior to initial volunteering, you are required to participate in a brief orientation session. Orientations can be arranged for individuals or small groups. These sessions will ensure that you will be prepared to have a successful and meaningful involvement in making an impact in our community.

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